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Maximizing Returns by Timing Liquidity Events.

Liquidity Partners is a frontrunner in real estate securities investment management. We focus on investing in illiquid, non-traded REITs (“NTRs”) — a $300 billion market. Several NTRs have faced material liquidity challenges due to sponsor error and unfriendly investment terms that prevent stockholders from earning further return on capital.

We have executed several low-cost tender offers on NTRs at significant discounts-to-NAV, which provide stockholders immediate liquidity that is significantly harder to achieve otherwise. By leveraging our advanced technology, we facilitate smooth, efficient transactions.

Liquidity Partners is acknowledged for its exemplary customer service, transparent fee structure, and prompt payment to sellers. We are a leading provider of liquidity to the NTR industry. Multiple REITs have designated Liquidity Partners as their “preferred” liquidation platform for investors, a recognition noted by Computershare and DST Vision.


Navigating Complexity. Delivering Solutions.

At Liquidity Partners, we thrive in complexity. Recognizing the hardship faced by investors in the aftermath of the recession, we established ourselves as pioneers in providing innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the market disruptions. Our investment thesis revolves around turning adversity into opportunity, leveraging our expertise to create a streamlined process for investors seeking liquidity in non-traded REITs.

Key Tenets of Our Investment Thesis:

Proactive Approach

Liquidity Partners adopts a proactive stance in identifying and capitalizing on market disruptions.

Innovative Solutions

Traditional avenues for liquidity may not always be available or are difficult to navigate. Our commitment to innovation led us to develop the first online-based stockholder sales platform, offering redemption opportunities not provided by non-traded REITs.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are dedicated to strong, friendly customer service. We prioritize the needs of NTR stockholders and ensure a transparent, low-fee structure while facilitating timely liquidations.

Preferred Partner Status

Liquidity Partners has earned the trust of global transfer agents, including Computershare and DST, which have recognized our firm as the preferred stockholder liquidity platform.

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